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Water quality, the benefits of water treatment, and how a softener works Find a residential or commercial equipment dealer in your area.

Increase Revenue By Offering Water Treatment To Your Customers

If you are a plumber, well driller or pump guy, you are in a perfect postion to offer water treatment to your customers. Have you ever noticed hard water, iron water, scaly build up, sulfer smell, acidic water, chlorine smell, or other problems with your customer's water? Did you realize that a lot of people just accept their water the way it is and never even consider that it could be a lot better? By offering water treatment, you can improve your customer's quality of life and possibly their health. Think about how many times you have seen cases of bottled water in a customer's home. That's an opportunity to install a reverse osmosis system, make some money yourself and save your customer thousands of dollars in the years to come. It is a win-win situation. Show your customers that you genuinely care about the job you do by informing them of all the options they have to make their water clean and safe.

Becoming a Dealer

Water Chemistry, Inc. is a wholesale manufacturer of water treatment equipment and supplier of water treatment supplies. We not only sell water treatment equipment and supplies, but also offer training to help you understand water treatment and impeccable support for your water treatment needs.

We do our research so that you don't have to. We manufacture our equipment using the latest technology and highest quality components on the market today. You can rest assured that your customer will have years of trouble-free service with very few call-backs. We know that our success depends on your success. Our product standards along with our full technical support ensure that your customer's water is the best it can be helping to build your reputation as an expert in the field of water treatment.

If you are interested in adding water treatment to your list of services, please visit our Contact Us page for more information. Your request will be answered promptly. The process of becoming a Water Chemistry, Inc. dealer is quick and easy. Just send us a little information about yourself and we take care of the rest. Once becoming a dealer, ask about our web page program for our dealers. We can offer your own customized web page to help you promote your business. Your web page will be linked from our "Find A Dealer" page and included in the search results. If you already have a web site, we can link to it from the search results and your customized web page on this site.

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